SNPedia Links Results

Version 1.6.1
ID This is the identifier for the SNP. Typically an Reference SNP cluster ID (RSID) or the internal ID, starting with 'i', for SNP's which have no RSID.
GT The genotype for the SNP as indicated in SNPedia. A little gray genotype is displayed if the genotype from your data is swapped because of the orientation in SNPedia.
Chr The Chromosome on which the SNP is located.
Mag(Max) The magnitude is a subjective measure of interest. The first value is the magnitude for your genotype, the value in the brackets is the maximum magnitude for this SNP.
Frequency Genotype frequency is the number of people which shares your genotype in percent. The frequencies are calculated from the openSNP database.
Gene Name and link to the gene where the SNP is located.
Summary Summery of the SNP from SNPedia. Good genotypes will be displayed in green, Bad ones in red. Light gray summaries does not belong to your genotype.